5_In stil FLamingo, 100x150cm

In stil Flamingo, ulei pe panza, 2018, (100x150cm) La inaltimi aproape roz, Pasind elegant, picioare lungi saruta buzele marii. Ce Gratii vegheaza de dupa orizonturi asupra lebedelor tropicale? Se inchina Balerina, a ei este Onoarea! Dar si Recunostiinta: sa fie ea aleasa in dansul lor? Oh! Mare Ti-e Dragostea! Flamingo style, oil on canvas, 2018, (100x150cm) Very close to the pink heights, Walking elegantly, long legs are kissing the lips of sea, What Graces are watching from beyond horizons, above the tropical swans? The Ballerina bows, hers is the Honor! And the Gratitude: is she the chosen one in their dance? Oh! Huge is Your Love!