About Us & Available works

About us

Renaissance Art Gallery is a Commercial Art Gallery for Contemporary Art, meaning that it functions on the art Primary Market , working directly with living artist in order to promote and manage their career.

Creating from scratch thematic meaningful exhibitions together with its artists, is the motto of the Renaissance Art Gallery”, says the Gallery Owner and curator Oana Visoiu.

Our aim is to get out of the Gallery’s white walls and to be perceived as a manager of our Artist’s careers in order  to develop a long term relationship with them and make them visible in Romania and abroad.

Starting September 2018 we are proud to announce that we were accepted as PARTNER GALLERY by the International website ARTSY.

Please FOLLOWon Artsy  the Gallery page Renaissance Art Gallery and its Artists , in order to help them to become known International.

For more details please fill in the Contact Form or contact us by email at: oana@renaissance-artgallery.com


Mirel Vieru

Mariana Villanueva

There are 13 fusion glass butterflies available for sale as of DECEMBER 2020 that will make an amazing Christmas present or decoration:

RED Passion 7 butterflies: 1 BIG (30cm, EUR 300), 2 MEDIUM (18cm, EUR 200) & 4 SMALL (10cm, EUR 150)

BLUE Dawn 6 butterflies: 2 MEDIUM (18cm, EUR 200) & 4 SMALL (10cm, EUR 150)

Hellene Diana Neagu

Ammar Alnahhas