Glass & Ceramic

Mariana Villanueva

Mariana Villanueva is an artist born in Chile. She achieved her first diploma in Strategic Design from the University of Valparaiso, Chile and has a Master’s in design from the IDE Instituto Europeo di Design, Italy. She also has a diploma from the Institute of Glass in Sand-Blast, Mexico. Mariana perfected the art of glass handling and has made it to Stowford, England where she gained qualifications in modulating glass.


Mariana is a complex and sensitive person who has traveled to many countries and continents, having lived in London, Monterrey, Milan and Bucharest.
Mariana is a global citizen who during her journey discovered glass as a pure and noble creative material, which during processing, expresses feelings and abilities. Ever since, she has striven to develop and perfect glass techniques from several countries. Her exhibition “Flight of the Butterflies” is in the group exhibition ELYSIUM by Renaissance Art Gallery and is the culmination for these years of work and study. Her first butterflies were created in Monterrey and were exposed only in private spaces.