Ramona Pintea – The Road Towards Light

Curator Iulia Toader about the exhibition: “I saw in Ramona Pintea an artist ready to face the heavy themes of the spirit through painting. With an expressionist gesture with even accents of fauvism, she comes to us with post-modern, wide and airy sails in which the purest colors such as red, purple, and blue, speak of light, but that light broken down by a divine prism. The act of creation is wild and driven by passion, in the relentless search for a place of peace and rest, perhaps in the shade of a flower of heaven.
The kisses in her works are representing exactly that moment of serenity, infinitesimal, surprised with a sensual yet delicate palette, the moment we want infinite, but which always escapes us in between two blinks. An artist of detail, she faces with a lot of invisibility the temptation of figurative expression and recovers the inner universe and always from the resonant subjects in her soul, the birth of love and the unmistakable echo of the theme “une rose est une rose est une rose …”

Works Available at the Gallery – Ramona Pintea:

* The dimensions of the works are expressed in cm.

Below, you can see a video with the making of “Poppies in a Wheat Field II “- part of the “Elysium” exhibition, 120cm/80cm, available to purchase from the gallery.

“One of my favorite paintings…ever! 🙂

More than just flowers alone, this says ‘family’ to me. I was inspired to paint it when going on a trip with my husband and daughter and all these poppies and wheat fields were on the side of the road…amazing the memories produced by something so simple…!

It was a long process and I kept moving my canvas from the table, on the easel, to the floor….

As usual, I loved it and I hope you love the end result :)” – Ramona Pintea


For any information regarding the works above, you can contact us at: oana@renaissance-artgallery.com sau la +40 722 381 325.


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