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Irina Neacsu: Life of Bulbs

17 May – 10 June 2018  Botanic Gardens Bucharest ; 20 June -31 June  Botanic Gardens Cluj, Romania


“Life of Bulbs” by Irina Neacsu, a botanic illustration exhibition at Bucharest Botanical Gardens, Red House, 17 May- 10 June, 2018. The exhibition is a watercolor story about the most beloved spring garden flowers, a story of love, time and ephemeral beauty, a story with no beginning and no end, more of a glimpse of the botanical art and artist, knowledge, emotion and choice.

Irina Neacsu chooses to zoom into the botanical realm and to acknowledge beauty in all its ages, shares the emotion beyond the science and art.

Botanical illustration in watercolor is an art form that represents the plants at a natural scale, 1:1, in watercolor, for which the artists used life size flowers but also scientific sketches from the scientific botanic studies. The exhibition brings together the artist’s last works, from 2018, revealing her fascination about the botanical realm. The botanical watercolors that create the flowers portraits illustrate the beauty of flowers in a decorative manner, focusing on pure observation and admiration, as a state of mind that creates the main access gate towards gratitude and blessing. On a deeper layer, the botanical watercolor paintings talk about the passage of time, about the understanding and acceptance of the withered flowers, vis-à-vis from the ephemeral existence and mortality.

The artist Irina Neacsu chose to present each flower in two stages within two separate works in watercolor that took the artist from 20 to 60h to produce! The one on the left presents different stages of a flower before it withers and the one on the right presents the flower or a detail from it after it withered, when is dead according to our daily perception but the artist Irina Neacsu shows us that the beauty is everywhere, and a dead flower can be incredibly beautiful. “Life of Bulbs” presented 26 of botanic illustrations representing flowers and one illustration presents an endangered species of tulip, Fritillary meleagris.

The exhibition “Life of Bulbs” was part of Romanian Design Week.   

Irina Neacsu, “Life of Bulbs” presentation in front of IWA guests ( International Woman Association Bucharest): click here to listen 

Irina Neacsu presentation of pair works Snowdrop & Crocus: click here to listen

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