REMESH: Second Charity Event – June 2017

REMESH: Second Charity Event – June 2017

In June 2017 during two evenings Renaissance Art Gallery hosted pro bono the events organized by REMESH in order to celebrate their FAIR Trade certification.

REMESH is all about giving a second opportunity.

REMESH I is about giving a second chance to very disadvantaged people to reintegrate society

REMESH is about giving a second life to products & materials by recycling them into something useful.

The REMESH event was in parallel with the Galery’s exhibition of surrealistic graphic SAMSARA by Marian Simon. Samsara designates the circuit of existence in the world according to the formula birth-death-rebirth and REMESH is prolonging the life of some materials that are not biodegradable and offers working places for people that used to live on the streets!