Women Power: by OZB Magazine & IWA – March 2018

Women Power: by OZB Magazine & IWA – March 2018

OZB Magazine (“O zi buna” meaning A Good Day), the international free English magazine and IWA – International Women Association,  celebrated at the end of March the launching of “WoMen Power”, a new section in OZB Magazine.

Renaissance Art Gallery partnered the event  and exhibited beautiful paintings  by IULIA TOADERAMMAR ALNAHHAS & VALI IRINA CIOBANU.

As the body of a woman was admired since ancient times and the paintings of the artist Iulia Toader remind us of Ancient Greece Goddesses the Gallery exhibited the two beautiful nudes of Iulia Toader “Forma” representing the birth of the Godesses Venus and “Memoria” together with another 2 of her works The Sleep I and The Sleep II.

The gallery exhibited  another great artist, this time a painter, Ammar Alnahhas,  a man of two countries (Romania and Syria) who, during his first years in Romania longing for the women in Syria, mothers, sisters, sweethearts he began to paint the Oriental women. He’s not added many details to the face, because they could and are supposed to be anyone, not a specific portrait. You can also note that many of his portraits have different iconography: a moon, a fish, a bird, an apple and they have different meanings depending on the context. A crescent moon can mean in Western tradition the GODDESS Diana, the goddess of the hunt, but it can be the changing of the time, with the phases of the moon in various cultures…and don’t we women are affected by the moon phases all the time???…..and in Eastern tradition, it is associated with Islam and the Orient.

Ammar is aware of these different interpretations and wants to bring all of those meanings to the image and to the discretion of the observer. Also, a fish, what it symbolize for you? for me Christianity, food, life ……
And the birds…what do they mean? they bring messages, they are symbols of Spring and Summer, they symbolize peace, prosperity. And the apples recall Adam and Eve, but not the fall of them but the source of all mankind as they came to Earth to be the source of all mankind.

And the least but not the last, the artist of 100 painting techniques, Vali Irina Ciobanu, will exhibit a portrait of a great woman, a woman that changed Romania and although not born Romanian loved this country and its traditions very much…..QUEEN MARY.