Anca Irina Lefter: Portal- Feminine Cycle – July 2019 – Peasant Museum, Bucharest, RO

Anca Irina Lefter: Portal- Feminine Cycle – July 2019 – Peasant Museum, Bucharest, RO

“The Feminine cycle” concept is a continuation the artistic concept PORTAL-THE ART & SCIENCE EXPERIENCE by Anca Irina Lefter with the main purpose to make people reconnect with their own nature and inner world.  

PORTAL was exhibited first in November 2018 at Palatul Universul in Bucharest reuniting 10 paintings that showed spirals of different colors and that were painted using Benjamin Moore house created 5 portals representing 5 elements: air, earth, fire, water and magnetism.  The first 4 elements can be also identified with the zodiacal signs and all 5 elements are identified also with different personality types and are recommended for different parts of your home.

The idea of the second series of PORTAL exhibition– FEMININE CYCLE- launched as a group exhibition of 7 artists entitled “ La vie en…” at The Peasant Museum in Bucharest on 4th of July 2019, was to change the perception about the menstruation cycle and to flip from SHAME to NORMALITY. 

“I recreated a small PORTAL of PINK with two paintings where the spiral concept was again used. The spirals make people to feel attracted to the painting, focusing on this geometric form, on the colors and in the end it transports them in a different state, it opens a door for their feelings (The PORTAL). Being a conceptual art designer, I also created a ballet skirt using as decorative elements tampons colored with pink paint.”- says Anca Irina Lefter. 

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