Iulia Toader: Golden Age (May 10 – May 24, 2017)

Iulia Toader: Golden Age (May 10 – May 24, 2017)


“The Golden Age is that pure space we look for as a safe haven, a place in time, a moment in space, a realm populated with primordial symbols and archetypes, which always provide us with serenity and calm in the eye of the storm of day to day existence.

I found inspiration for this collection after losing my father, an amazing spirit, and, I found ideas in all the things of life that I started to cherish more than material gold.

In my favorite plants – the palm trees, in the sweet lines of the female body, in the colors of childhood, delicate or cruel, in curious memories of birds and flowers of remote lands, in sleeping and dreaming awake, in supernatural and bed-time stories.

This is my gold now: living a weaving of indulgent feelings, seeking true beauty, memories, forgetting myself.”Iulia Toader

Works Available at the Gallery – Iulia Toader: “The Golden Age

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Curator Karima Radwan Elmaghraby about Golden Age Exhibition:

Curator Karima Radwan Elmaghraby interviewing artist Iulia Toader about the stages of the creation process of GOLDEN paint:


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