Marian Simon: SAMSARA (May 24 – August 23)

Marian Simon: SAMSARA (May 24 – August 23)


Surreal graphic art, dressed in coffee

“I have never been a coffee drinker, but this didn’t stop me for being fascinated with its color, the vintage color of elegance, refinement, the classic, the oneiric, the dream, the subconscious, of psychoanalysis and, ultimately, of surreal art.

The term “samsara” is tightly connected to the notions of “avidya” and “karman”. Samsara designates the circuit of existence in the world according to the formula birth-death-rebirth. The beings are reincarnated according to their past- life deeds and this life is followed by another. This fundamental law of transmigration (samsara) is based on Indian philosophy and religious beliefs.” – Marian Simon

The wash tint of all the artworks in this exhibition is nothing but COFFEE and Marian uses on the coffee background INK with a bit of white acrylic to finalize its 24 graphics of 100×70 cm.

The rest is art, philosophical thought, surreal graphics, coffee and the silence of dreams.

What is Surreal Art? <Bringing the dream into immediate reality without passing anything through the censorship of consciousness> Salvador Dali

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Surrealist graphics, 70X100 cm, easel graphics, coffee lavish

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