Mirel Vieru: Journey To A Drifting Star – 2 November 2019, Anagram Brewery

Mirel Vieru: Journey To A Drifting Star – 2 November 2019, Anagram Brewery

Mirel Vieru oil painting and mixed technique expo “Journey to a drifting star”

The drifting star represents the junction of Limit and Being. It defines the being of the limit and, at the same time, the withdrawal of divinity from the world. It is the star that leaves its orbit, the finitude, the impossible, the closing, the limit, the “black sun”.

“Journey to a drifting star” having its opening on 2nd of November 2019 at a craft beer factory located in the center of Bucharest, Romania, is the 4th exhibition by Mirel Vieru that revolves around the LINE & LIMIT concepts, bringing another symbol used in Romanian literature and poetry, the STAR. However, Mirel’s inspiration to paint stars and aureola borealis skies is related with Iceland, where he lived for a couple of months and had in January 2019 an exhibition at the Listastofan, an artist co-working and gallery located in Reykjavik town, Iceland.

With “Journey to a drifting star” Mirel brings a more sophisticated technique by creating 9 large scale art works using mixed media of more mediums. Works created digitally by Mirel have been printed on Museum Etching Hahnemuehle paper 35g 100% cotton that was after mounted on aluminum bond ( alucobond) on which he draw with colored crayon, tempera, water colors, colored pigments fixed with varnishes, oil painting and spray painting.

There will also be on view 3 large scale ( 2m by 3m) and 6 small scale (45cm by 62cm) oil canvases.

One can not notice the development in Mirel’s technique since his first series “Line and Limits” exhibited in 2015 in Belgium that presented Mirel’s abstract oil paintings ( the classic technique) touching for the first time the LINE and LIMIT subjects, followed by the second one, “Limit and Evolution “- 2017 in Romania at Renaissance Art Gallery, which presented Mirel’s oil paintings this time made following a special technique as Mirel first created digitally the painting’s layers by taking a photography of still nature, which was after made in more digital images representing the different layers of the oil painting which Mirel used as a model to paint the layers of the final canvases with oil.

Mirel’s third exhibition, “To Fold a line in Deep Blackness”, brings apart from the photography & digital techniques also different paint techniques as Mirel used not only oil on canvas but also he painted on prints on Hahnemuehle paper made after his digitally created images and on them painted using water color and oil on the print to add more of a personal touch.

Works exhibited: