Mirel Vieru: Limit & Evolution (September 7 – 24, 2017)

Mirel Vieru: Limit & Evolution (September 7 – 24, 2017)


The exhibition’s general theme revolves around the limitation train of thought; specifically, it relates to understanding how limitation acts within the landscape of the process we call evolution. I see the limitation theme as one of the essentials of our reflective rapport with the world.

In philosophy, in art, where horizons are mobile, fluid, not rigid, fixed and exact, bounded by limits and constraints, what is distinguished is the difference, the novelty, the overcoming of limitations.

In this way, during the course of history, it will become inherent, the very discontinuity of a linear, orderly evolution. An increase in evolutionary complexity – we can say so – will open the way to a different evolution, marked by the emergence of a threshold in its linearity. Difference, novelty are now occurrences. Limitations being soft, vague, will lose their outline.

If the absence of limitations in endless contemplation means the deletion of their contours, it naturally results that the evolutionary process comes from what we have labeled as the notion of discontinuity.

In ancient Greece (the cradle of Western philosophy), being, the entire existence was named to on. Discontinuity to which we are referring is then an ontological differentiation.

In this sense, discontinuity is considered as a condition of co-existence. It not only denies limitation, depriving it of existence; discontinuity also limits optimism, revealing it as an overcoming transgression of the possible.

Positive or negative, in other words ambivalent, limitation prohibits and denies transgression, on the one hand, nonetheless it is also that which confers substance to the transgression itself.


The Exhibition was curated by:

Karima Radwan – Art Historian, Art Lecturer

Iulia Toader – Architect, Artist

The story of the exhibition Lines and Evolution by Gallerist Oana Visoiu

With his second solo exhibition Mirel confronted his limits, broke the lines, the circles and rectangular& square forms that were present in his 1st solo exhibition “Lines and Limits” dated 2015 at Mie Lefevre Gallery, Gent, Belgium, a gallery that promoted many Romanian contemporary artists from Cluj.

One can see that if compares the painting ” Co- existence” presented below and that was painted in 2015 with the art painted in 2017 and presented in „ Lines and Evolution”, an exhibition that was the result of Mirel’s wish to confront his limits and to break the lines that were dominant in his previous exhibition from Belgium and to EVOLVE as an artist and human being.

An element used by Mirel in 2017  in some of his paintings is the CHALK as an element that breaks the lines and creates different planes. He grew up with the CHALK as a symbol of the school, of the evolution…. of the teacher who was filling the blackboard with new ideas, new information using the CHALK. For Mirel the CHALK means evolution.

Below you will admire the painting “Co-existence” from the 2015 exhibition „Lines and Limits”, followed by the presentation of some of 2017  art works.

“Co-existance” – Oil on linen canvas, 240x170cm, unframed, 2015

The line that is drown by the circle is creating a limit between two territories.

One, underlined by the presence of colours, is sending you “home” if we use the concept of the philosopher Jan Patoka for “axis mundi” ) is a familiar universe.

Beyond the circle line we meet another dimension which we can call “the call of a being looked at differently than it is”.

The two lines, two “falds”, as per the philosopher Gilles Deleuze thinking (difference, sense) is actualising the trials of humans to explore, to research and discover the world. They look like antitheses or hiats*.

*Hiat : a pause or a gap in a sequence, series, or process

Poem by J. H. PRYNNE chosen by curator Iulia Toader as a representative of the art of Mirel Vieru: