Darius Hulea

Darius Hulea

Exhibition “Flights in Mirror” 2019 November 14th till March 2020 at InterContinental Hotel Bucharest”

Exhibition “Books&Arts” – September 2019 till March 2020 at Cantacuzino Castle in Busteni ski resort, Romania

Exhibition “Proud To Be Romanian” Gala from September 2019 till July 2020and at Arc du Triomphe Hotel lobby in Bucharest

Darius Hulea, is a Romanian young contemporary artist born in 1987 in Alba Iulia who is specialized in metal sculpture.  He graduated the University of Art and Design from Cluj Napoca, Sculpture section, and in 2012 he become member of the Artists Union. In 2013 he won the price “Grigore Bradea”, a distinction given only to the most talented Romanian sculptures.  His statues are created 100% manually by him using the welding procedure in order to assemble metal wires to represent metal portraits often fragmented and incomplete.  Most of these portraits represent philosophers, writers and historical musicians well known in his country. Darius Hulea captures the spirituality and essence of these great thinkers in his sculptures.

His first major solo exhibition in Bucharest- Romania’s capital city, “Outline”, consisted of metal portraits of people close to Constantin Brancusi, the famous Romanian- French sculptor.

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His metal sculptures are special. You can admire them here:






2012- present : Cluj-Napoca Art&Design University, PhD in visual arts

2009 – 2011: Cluj-Napoca Art&Design University, Master in Sculpture

2006 – 2009: Cluj-Napoca Art&Design University, Licensed in Sculpure


2019- “Outline” Personalized Exhibition – 6 metal portraits of characters present in Constantin Brancusi’s life, Renaissance Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2018- Group Exhibition, “CENTENART” 23 November 2018- 17 February 2019, Brasov Art Museum, Brasov, Romania

2018- Group Exhibition for 100 Years of Romania, Cantacuzino Palace, Nicodim Gallery, Busteni, Romania

2017 – White Night of Galleries, Renaissance Art Gallery, Mircea Eliade Statue, Bucharest

2017 – Personal Exhibition, “Principalis”, Urania Palace, Cluj-Napoca

2017 – Personal exhibition, “The sign on the face”, Central Square, Bistrita

2017 – Personal Exhibition, “Outline, Sign on the Face”, Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest

2016 – Group Exhibition, “Bronze Age”, Art Gallery, Alba Iulia

2016 – Group Exhibition, “Bronze Age” Arcade 24, Bistrita

2016 – Corpus Group Exhibition, Gallery 45, Cluj

2015 – Group Exhibition, UAP Awards, Dalles Hall, Bucharest

2015 – Group Exhibition “Bronze Age” Group Exhibition at the 18+ Festival, Cluj