Darius Hulea

Darius Hulea

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Exhibitions with Renaissance Art Gallery:

His metal sculptures are special. You can admire them here:






2012- present : Cluj-Napoca Art&Design University, PhD in visual arts

2009 – 2011: Cluj-Napoca Art&Design University, Master in Sculpture

2006 – 2009: Cluj-Napoca Art&Design University, Licensed in Sculpure

Other Exibitions:

2019- “Outline” Personalized Exhibition – 6 metal portraits of characters present in Constantin Brancusi’s life, Renaissance Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

2018- Group Exhibition, “CENTENART” 23 November 2018- 17 February 2019, Brasov Art Museum, Brasov, Romania

2018- Group Exhibition for 100 Years of Romania, Cantacuzino Palace, Nicodim Gallery, Busteni, Romania

2017 – White Night of Galleries, Renaissance Art Gallery, Mircea Eliade Statue, Bucharest

2017 – Personal Exhibition, “Principalis”, Urania Palace, Cluj-Napoca

2017 – Personal exhibition, “The sign on the face”, Central Square, Bistrita

2017 – Personal Exhibition, “Outline, Sign on the Face”, Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest

2016 – Group Exhibition, “Bronze Age”, Art Gallery, Alba Iulia

2016 – Group Exhibition, “Bronze Age” Arcade 24, Bistrita

2016 – Corpus Group Exhibition, Gallery 45, Cluj

2015 – Group Exhibition, UAP Awards, Dalles Hall, Bucharest

2015 – Group Exhibition “Bronze Age” Group Exhibition at the 18+ Festival, Cluj