Hellene Diana Neagu

Hellene Diana Neagu

Exhibition “The Kingdom of the Turtles” presented on line on Artsy during COVID pandemic

AVAILABLE ART FOR SALE from this exhibition and others

Hellene Diana Neagu graduated N. Tonitza Art Highschool, Bucharest in 1994 at the Fashion Design Department & Decorative Arts Faculty at Scenography Department of  N. Grigorescu Art Academy, Bucharest in 1999. She created costumes and sets and was production designer first assistant for several theatre plays, movies, advertisements and she took part in symposiums and residencies in the country and abroad. Life styles magazines such as Tabu, Ideal Decor, Luxury House, Arhitext, Time Out, Big City Life, Diplomat Club, L’Accueil Francais et Francophone de Bucarest, hosted articles about her art. She exhibited abroad, in Bucharest and in the country at museums and modern art galleries and received awards and was nominated for sculpture, scenography and costumes design. Her artworks are now in private and public collections around the world. 

  “My art begins always with the concept.                                                                                                                                                                        

I’m mainly working with copper and brass. Since I graduated Art Academy in Bucharest I continuously look forward to express, in an abstract manner, the concept of the human being in the state of equilibrium and eternal peace. Therefore, I use the symbol of the circle inscribed in the square: symbol of the spiritual (the circle) manifesting in the matter (the square).

I encoded these symbols, which are present in almost all my artworks, under the name of “The Turtle”.  In the Asian cultures, Turtle symbolizes the wisdom, longevity, patience, reconciliation with oneself and I believe that those qualities can be achieved by humans, once they strike a balance between material and spiritual.                                                                                                                                                                                     

The copper and brass artworks are composed from different measures pieces of these metals, treated individually, therefore they are 95% manually labored. The close-up pictures of the artworks show well how I’m working the brass and the copper. So, every single piece individually is drawn, cut and hammered, then, in several layers, I’m applying patin and in the end, for protection, I’m treating the entire composition with a natural varnish. I’m doing also the rings by hand, so it remains only the holes made by electrical drilling machine. Of course, the whole working method is much more complex than I explained, but in goal to discover more about the story of “The Kingdom of the Turtles”, you are welcome to meet me and my art at HDNaRT STUD/O and also now as an Artist represented by RENAISSANCE Art Gallery website and the international art website Artsy and I look forward for you to join me in personal or group exhibitions, or to accompany me in my artistic approach.                                                                                                                

My works are collected by collectors and art lovers, museums and art galleries and are part of private collections from Romania, Italy, Greece, Germany, Norway, Canada, Spain, Slovenia, U.S.A., France, The Basque Country, Republic of Moldova and Belgium, and in public collections in Czech Republic | Smetana Sculpture Park – Prostějov and Sculpture Park St. Josepf  Hořice, in Slovenia | Forma Viva International Sculpture Park – Statenberg Palace| 2008 | 2013 and in Romania, in Otetelişanu Mansion | 2015, Veroniki Art Gallery| 2009 | 2010, Contemporary Art Gallery Galateca | 2006 | 2007 | Central Library Carol I from Bucharest and from the Collection of the Contemporary Art Museum Târgovişte | 2012 | 2013, Collection of the Contemporary Art Gallery Renaissance | 2019.                                                                             

I consider art collectors, art lovers, collaborators and art galleries as my partners in my art developing and continuity.” says   HELLENE DIANA NEAGU || sculptor & scenographer