About Us & Available works for SALE

About us

Renaissance Art Gallery  is a Commercial Art Gallery for Contemporary Art opened in March 2017 by Oana Vișoiu, an ex top banker and  Title Insurance specialist, who has a vast experience in project financing and legal indemnity insurance for large real estate projects.  

The Gallery is working directly with living artist, who are managed by the Gallery based on a Copyright Contract with exclusivity only for the exhibitions curated by  by Renaissance Art Gallery.

Creating from scratch thematic meaningful exhibitions together with its artists, is the motto of the Renaissance Art Gallery”, says the Gallery Owner and curator of its exhibitions, Oana Visoiu.

In 7 years since its opening, i.e. March 2017, the Gallery has done many things that can be proud of:

* Renaissance Art Gallery had more than  28 exhibition openings of the  14 Artists with whom the Gallery collaborates either at the Gallery’s  premisses ( which changed 3 times, the latest location being in a residential area named Pipera, Romania) or at different nonconventional places like a craft beer factory, an architecture office, a law office or the lobby of Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest ( now, since 2022, Grand Hotel )  with art works sold to clients  in Romania, France, Czech Republic, England, Switzerland and United States of America;

*From September 2018 ( only a year and a half after its opening)  till August 2022 (4 years), Renaissance Art Gallery was accepted as a PARTNER GALLERY by the International renown art website ARTSY.

Artsy does not work directly with individual artists, who in order to be exhibited on their website needs to be represented or to collaborate with an Artsy Partner Gallery.

In 2018 in order to be accepted as a partner Gallery, Artsy had a rule of min 3 years of constant activity and 10 Artists represented or collaborators and at that time Renaissance art gallery did not comply with these.

However, after Renaissance’s initial request sent in June 2018 was politely refused due to the above, Oana Visoiu was contacted in August 2018 by an Artsy Representative who informed her that , due to a partnership between Artsy and the fashion retailer Gucci regarding a woman empowerment program, they have decided to offer 2 months free trial membership and to waive all the acceptance conditions to a Gallery that was managed by a female who had a business background and they thought that Renaissance Art Gallery fit the best . 

During the 4 years of partnership, Renaissance Art Gallery managed to grow the career of its artists, as an example being Cluj painter Mirel Vieru, who was classified under Artsy Genome project in the Cluj School category and his name appeared on Artsy website right under that famous Romanian painter  Adrian Ghenie between the years 2018-2022.

Artsy Cluj School genome

In August 2022 Oana Visoiu decided to focus more on the Romanian Market and the Gallery’s own website and stoped the Artsy partnership for a while so there are no more available for sale works on Artsy, therefore please scroll down to see all the available works for SALE  the Gallery is presenting or visit the Artist pages or the Exhibition pages to learn more. 

For more details please fill in the Contact Form or contact us by email at: oana@renaissance-artgallery.com


Iulia Toader

Victor Andrei Ionescu

Mariana Villanueva

There are 13 fusion glass butterflies available for sale that will make an amazing Woman’s Day present :

RED Passion 7 butterflies: 1 BIG (30cm, EUR 300), 2 MEDIUM (18cm, EUR 200) & 4 SMALL (10cm, EUR 150)

BLUE Dawn 6 butterflies: 2 MEDIUM (18cm, EUR 200) & 4 SMALL (10cm, EUR 150)

Hellene Diana Neagu

6 wall metal sculptures available for sale:

Ammar Alnahhas

Mixed technique painting available for sale:

Maria Cismaru

2 oil painting with knife are available for sale

Mihai Rauță

51 images available to be ordered as prints on different print support and different sizes and price:

The photographs can be printed at request on cotton high quality paper „Photo Rag Bright White Paper 310g” only in 2 dimensions and as a limited editions ( only 5 copies of each of the 51 images below that have been chosen by the artist to be printed- they have no name but are numbered from 1 to 51). Only the photography 15 is entitled Stella and a copy has been already printed with the occasion of Bloom Galla organized by the art foundation Juxta in December 2022).

90x60cm – 750 EUR

90x90cm – 850 EUR

Each copy will be delivered with the first printed edition of Photo Album  „XeX Libris”  with the signature of the photographer, Mihai Răuță.

Or , a cheaper version can be print on canvas:

50×50 cm- 70 EUR

100×100 cm- 120 EUR