Maria Cismaru

Maria Cismaru


I am finally home, the home of my soul. From Here I paint. I trustfully open for the flow of creation to take place and I play. 

This is the motto of a person who has by 2023 28 years of painting and her both parents were painters and studied with the famous Corneliu Baba.

Her father, Mihai Cismaru,  was part of Romania’s golden generation of painters together with Câltia, Sorin Ilfoveanu and Mirel Zamfirescu. 

Maria graduated  in Bucharest Romania the Art University ‘Nicolae Tonitza’ under the supervision of professors and renowned artists Sorin Ilfoveanu ( also her Christening God Father) and Marin Gherasim! 

As her father she sells all her oil paintings even before they dry out both in Romania and Germany, where she lived 7 years in Dresda near Berlin and now, under the collaboration with Renaissance Art Gallery who will approve her as an Artsy artist, she hopes to be collected by other European and US collectors and, why not, Asian, Indian, Latin American and Russian collectors! 

She is herself a Globe trotter, traveling to China, Mongolia, Kazahstan, Peru, Brazil, India & Nepal her paintings being inspired by all her personal experiences, including meditation,samanism, windsurfing and, in the last 7 years she also became a paraglider pilot. 

She exhibited in Romania ( Bucharest) and had many exhibitions in Germany (Dresda, Berlin, Frankfurt), her art being in private collections all over the world!

Since 2019 she collaborates with Renaissance Art Gallery and below are her works available for SALE.