Anca Irina Lefter: PORTAL – Immersive Art Experience & Science – November 2018, Universul Palace, Bucharest

Anca Irina Lefter: PORTAL – Immersive Art Experience & Science – November 2018, Universul Palace, Bucharest

The portal concept is an artistic concept with the purpose to make people reconnect with their own nature and inner world and, by that, to respect the world and nature around because they are a part of it. It represents 5 elements of nature: AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER and MAGNETISM. Portal is a gate to make people come back to nature and to their true nature. Enjoy! Just Feel!

The novelty of the Artist work is that she used on her works the house paint Benjamin Moore to which she added a Nano plasmatic technology from Plasma Romania, the visitors being able to feel the energy of the plasma while entering the PORTAL.

The concept is a dynamic one: “10 paintings that shows spirals of different colors and that where made using acrylic & Benjamin Moore paints on canvas were used to build 5 portals representing: air, earth, fire, water and magnetism. Each portal has 2 dedicated paintings facing each other, an installation and dedicated music created to enable people to make their feeling rise up.

An animated writing on a TV support made the observers to connect the exhibition to their own life experience. Messages like “How do you feel when you breath in the fresh mountain air” OR “How do you feel when you are close to a camp fire” appeared on a big TV screen during the first exhibition PORTAL. Also, the participants were encouraged to paint on a dedicated canvas using Benjamin Moore paint in order to make them express all their feelings during the exhibition and reflections through this expression.

It is the final connection between everything. When the series of PORTAL exhibition will end an exhibition will all the painting created at each show by our guests will be organized “– says Anca Irina Lefter.

Asking Anca Irina Lefter why she chose to paint spirals she answered:
“The spirals make people to feel attracted in the painting, like in a tunnel. They focus on these geometric forms, on the colors and they will feel in a different state, more receptive, opening a door (The Portal).”

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