Victor Andrei Ionescu

Victor Andrei Ionescu
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Exhibition “Flights in Mirror”

Exhibition “From The Darkness, Back To The Light”

Victor Andrei-Ionescu, visual artist interested in oil painting, engraving, animation and graffiti. , studied at UNARTE, Graphics section and has an Erasmus scholarship in 2012 at Poznan-Poland and he is studying currently stage& movie directing at Hyperion University in Bucharest, Romania.

As a visual artist he has various interests: oil painting, engraving, as well as animation and StreetArt, where his signature name is Jabra22.

He started to paint at small age, at his father studio, liking the most Picasso, his paintings being now a combination of Picasso and Dali with a touch of Van Gogh as now Victor is working “like himself” but “a lot” like this Masters did.

He started Street Art in 2000 at age 22 under signature name Jabra22, participating at various charity and community events.

His entire family is connected with art, father- painter, older brother- Actor of the National Theater of Bucharest – played the role of sculptor Constantin Brancusi in the Romanian movie, ” Brancusi from Eternity”, distributed in European Cinemas and had screenings at BAFTA, middle brother – movie Director.


Solo shows:

2019 From the darkness back to the lightRenaissance Art Gallery, Bucharest

2017 Trampitto, Philarmonic, Ploiești, Romania

2015 “Bearded and Demons”, Colectiv, Bucharest, Romania2013Bebekunst, Casa Carol53 Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

Group shows

2019 Flights in MirrorRenaissance Art Gallery, Bucharest

2018 “Art in the joint”, Street Delivery, Iași, RomaniaNocturne, Lente urban space during NAG ( White night of the Galleries), Bucharest, Romania

2017 The little dark ( animation), Next festival, Bucharest, RomaniaStreet Art Festival, Street art, Sibiu, Romania

2016 Amural, Amural Festival, Brașov, RomaniaThe night of the houses ( “Noaptea Caselor” in Romanian), Avanpost, Bucharest, Romania

2012 Demonic as The Gateway to The Divine, Simeza, Bucharest, Romania

2011 The Little Dark- short film, Anim’est ( Bucharest International Film Festival), Bucharest, Romania

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